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Zynez Shorts

Check out some cool short stories!!

Want YOUR story in this section? Submit a short story (can't be TOO long...) to !

Every week, we'll have a story of the week, as well as a few all-time faves and newbies! No story will ever be on this page for more than 2 months... sorry! We just want other authors to get a chance, even if your story is really awesome!
Please, no series and nothing longer than 2 pages... thanks so much! If something is too long, it is jamming my mailbox, and when you get so many stories a day, it is important not to have huge files! :) Thanks!

Story of the Week:

Your story could be HERE! Send yours in TODAY to I will supply the picture unless you want to. Include your name and any other information you want to supply! :)


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