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Opinions YOU have about subjects YOU choose!

ZYNEZION OF THE WEEK: Does Harry Potter promote witchcraft?

If you are unsure about the subject, do some research! It could be a good learning experience! Do not make an opinion until you've reviewed it and understand it, this is a lesson for life not just Zynezion! :) Also, do not submit what I like to call "hub-bub". Things like
Name: Kirsten
I am against school uniforms. This is because they are ugly and I hate them. And it would be really, really dorky to have school uniforms. DURR!
I will not be accepting Zynezions like this, please put some thought into them. If I find people abusing Zynezions, I will have to take them down.
Zynezions are a place where you can:
  • Tell people about YOUR opinion
  • Get rid of some of that anger
  • Learn about a topic

So do some research, learn something... and send your zynezion in as soon as you have a well thought-out opinion.

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PLEASE DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT MORE THAN ONCE! The Zynezions are currently working out of my mailbox, it can get very hard to check the zynezions when there's so many! :) Thank you! And if you have already sent a Zynezion in for that topic, please wait until the next week!

Your opinions will be featured HERE!


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